Learning objectives

In this class you will cover:

I. The Causal Argument Assumption

i. How to Prephrase the Causal Assumption

ii. Strategy 1: The Formulaic Approach

1. Identify the Premise and Conclusion

2. Connect the Premise and Conclusion

iii. Strategy 2: Using Semantic Analysis to Help Prephrase the Assumption

1. Semantic Analysis Guided Practice

iv. How to Apply the Process of Elimination Tests

II. Strengthening and Weakening Causal Arguments

i. Strategy for Strengthening Arguments

ii. Strategy for Weakening Arguments

III. Argument by Analogy & Analogy Assumptions

i. The Analogy Assumption Formula

ii. Strengthening the Argument by Analogy

iii. Weakening the Argument by Analogy

IV. Data Sampling Arguments and Assumptions

i. Data Sampling Assumption Formulas

ii. Strengthening the Sampling Argument

iii. Weakening the Sampling Argument

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