What you'll learn in this course

Welcome to LSAT Boss: Accommodations

Many students with cognitive, mental, and physical disabilities become symptomatic during their exams. They experience physical pain, unnerving anxiety, and lack of focus that takes their time and attention away from their exam.  In cases where a student's ability to function during the exam is limited due to disability, the LSAC is committed, by law, to ensure accommodated access to the LSAT exam. In fact, the following commitment appears at the LSAC website:

“LSAC is committed to ensuring access to the LSAT by providing appropriate accommodation for test takers with documented disabilities. We strive to make accommodation decisions consistent with our legal obligations.”

What we'll cover:

So, if accommodations are available for you, do not hesitate to take the steps to access them.  This course provides an easy step-by-step guide to help you through the process. We will also cover:

  1. A comprehensive review of the LSAT Accommodations paperwork: Part I: Candidate Form, Part II: Evidence of Disability, and Part III; Statement of Need
  2. Eligibility requirements for accommodations due to ADD/ADHD, Anxiety & Depression, and Vision Impairments
  3. Types of accommodations that can be requested (not just extra time)
  4. Documentation requirements for your qualified professional to support your accommodations request 
  5. FAQs answered:
  • Is experiencing fear of failure, increased heart rate, or "freezing" on an exam what happens to everyone on test day? 
  • Why is there a stigma around testing accommodations for students with disabilities?
  • I have never been diagnosed with a disability, but I think I might have [ADHD/ Anxiety/ Dyslexia/ Other Disability]. I've been out of school for years. Is it too late for me to be evaluated by a doctor?
  • Isn't it expensive to be evaluated by a doctor for a psychological disorder or learning disability? 
  • Will my law school find out that I took the LSAT with accommodations?
  • I took the LSAT without accommodations already. Will that hurt my chances of getting accommodations now?
  • Do I have to disclose my disability in my law school application?

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